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Tom Hooper – Director – The King’s Speech

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Hooper #2

Now this is how you frame a King!…. right?

Actually I would not say this shot is meant to be kingly or flattering. The direct opposite really. It is well composed but the intent is to dwarf Prince Albert and reflect his defeated emotional state. Director Tom Hooper said this wall we see behind Albert was the best set piece in the whole movie. During this production they spent millions on creating sets and were able to shoot in some fantastic locations like St. James’s Palace and the Hatfield House in Herfordshire, England. Yet, this wall seemed to give Hooper the most inspiration. Everything you need to know about the Duke of York is represented in this shot.

First lets focus on Prince Albert. He is dressed in very subdued clothing. Hooper is literally hiding Albert’s true colors. Heck, the king hasn’t even bothered to take off his coat. At this moment he is being interviewed by the speech therapist Lionel. It’s obvious Albert doesn’t feel comfortable. He takes up as little space as possible and he is sitting in a slouched position – a very improper posture for royalty. Albert has come to Lionel to see if he might help him with his speech impediment and inability to talk in public. The framing is a reflection of his speech problem. The prince seems to be engulfed by the wall. Hooper wants to communicate the idea that Albert is alone and dwarfed by his speech defect. The speech defect is represented by the wall. Talking in a position like this makes Albert’s words feel hollow. The wall is meant to be distracting, as if The Duke is hardly worth noticing. In this picture Hooper is setting up how much Prince Albert needs to grow in order to become the king so many of us remember from the History books.

Hanging Leafs

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Here is another picture I took on my outing the other day. I am surprised that these leafs have survived the winter so far. I used the sun as a centering device, taking the picture with the sun directly behind the main leaf pointing down. This gives us a very nice silhouette. One of the difficulties was figuring how much to crop the picture. I wanted it to feel balanced between the background and the leafs. I took away some of the blues in order to make the color scheme more worm and inviting. Over all I think it was a good picture. I still don’t know if I like the house in the background, seeming to cut into the tip of the main leaf.

(Click on the Picture to get a clearer image. I don’t know why it is not as clear on the main page)

Rock’s Shadow

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I was lucky enough to come upon this rock on one of my walks. It creates some interesting shapes both with the rock itself and the shadow. I softened the stuff around the rock and the shadow so it didn’t distract and take away from the main piece. This is a picture that does not have much color appeal, the appeal is actually all in the framing and how the light hits the rock.  Hope you enjoy!

Framed Leaf

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Framing a picture is easier said then done sometimes. Thankfully the fence gave me a perfect way to frame this leaf. Framing can often help draw the audiences eye to the main focus of the shot. Immediately you know what you are supposed to be looking at in this picture. I also tried to use a high exposure as a way to draw your eye. The only think that isn’t extremely lit is the leaf.

White Flower

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This is a GREAT example of framing and using the background to point to the main piece. I really think the eye is drawn to the flower. I also softened the flower a little bit making it more pleasing to the eye.

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