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Religious Pics

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on May 14, 2011

A few weeks ago I helped my mother with a photography project. The assignment was actually my moms, I was just there to help. However, I really began to get interested in the project. We were trying to represent Christianity through photography. Here are a few of the pictures I personally took and worked on.

We thought a cup holding many of the words in the Bible could be a good representation of the Word. The Bible consists of many things and at the moment we are just keeping them in the cup. I actually might come back and change a few things about this. However, I do like the lighting and position of the cup. I really wanted to create a contrasts between white’s and dark’s. I also wanted a few words to clearly stick out, more on that after getting a closer look…

These are all words associated with the Christian Bible. The key was getting the words to stick out without them obviously sticking out or looking foreign to the rest of the piece. I used a sharpening tool to bring out a few of the key words. We also spent time beforehand setting up the key words before we put the rest of the words in.

Here is an interesting piece. One of the ideas we wanted to express was the word leaving the cup. It was crucial to get the focus right on the words that were leaving the cup. I also upped the contrast in the piece like the others. Separating the words from the paper was important. Making everything else feel soft was also important. I didn’t want anything else to stick out but the words leaving the cup.

The point of this picture was to express my view on Religion. I will let you interpret it the way you want. I like the contrast and lighting in this picture. The way it fades into darkness is just right in my opinion. It was sort of hard to bring out the texture in the cardboard in the breadbasket. I think the cardboard reads but would rather not have the rough wall in the background distracting us. My mother said she thought I shouldn’t have put the “Religion” in there, but I wanted to direct the audiences thought process a little. I worked on the font to make it feel like it belonged to the rest of the piece. Putting the shadow on the edge of the letters really helped.

Hope you enjoy the pictures

(You will need to click on the pictures to see them in focus)

Brick Wall

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on January 28, 2011

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Went out the other day and took a few pictures. This was one of them. I liked the texture of the bricks and the different patterns many of them seemed to have. I used photoshop to bring out what I felt were the key elements in the picture. The red/orange brick really stuck out to me, so I enhanced it slightly so it really stuck out to the viewer. I wanted the eye to be drawn to that brick. Also, I added some texture. Texture in my opinion tends to give most pictures more character. The grain you see I think really adds to the picture. It is almost as though you can touch it.

(P.S. Click on the picture to get a clearer image)

Leaf and Contrast

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on November 18, 2010

This is the last picture from my Fall Leaf series. I really pushed the contrast up with this photo. This picture is particularly interesting to me because of the balance. The color of the leaf is balanced through the color of the background. We are dealing with warm yellows, greens, and a sort of aqua blue. I don’t think any of the colors take away from the main subject, the blue gives a curtain contrast that I think is needed. Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy the picture!

Tree to Sky

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I found the contrast between the tree and sky to be interesting in this picture.  I think the picture balances pretty well.

Garbage and Surroundings: Series

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I wanted to try to take a picture of the same object from different angles and see if I can make all of them interesting in their own unique ways while still keeping a unity in them so it was obvious to the viewer that they were part of the same series. This is my first attempt. The interesting contrast between the garbage can and the surroundings is what drew me to take the pictures.

This first picture shows my complete interest in the location. I like the contrast between the fence and garbage can, both in color and shade. The shadow also was fascinating to me, I think it helped balance the picture.

The Color and basic shape is what I tried to concentrate on in the picture. The blur makes the picture easier to take in. It is a great example of how taking away can sometimes bring more depth to a subject then adding detail.

In this picture I hope you see my attempt to make it completely balanced. I wanted half of it to be the garbage and half to be the surroundings. We are also able to get up close and sort of see the texture in the garbage can. Without the other two pictures you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that it is a garbage can. However, because of the other pictures this one becomes more interesting.

I will have another series up in a few days. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and would love to hear what you think.

Leafs on Fence

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I softened and contrasted the fence and leafs a little bit. My goal was to create a balance with the leafs and the fence. I find opposite colors very interesting when put together. One element is nature created and the other man created. Would love to hear some critique.

Color Scheme

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on May 16, 2010

I am getting into photography. this is one I did a few days ago, I am huge on messing with photography in photoshop. Right now there is not much depth in meaning in my pictures, but I am learning a lot. I am really concentrating on framing, color scheme, and contrast. In this picture, I thought it was interesting how the blue light cast a pink/orange light on the wall. They are two opposite colors on the color wheel and make for a very interesting picture. I also like how my friends silhouette seems to balance the colors. I hope I am able to post more photography soon.


Posted in Personal Philosophy by Jacob on April 19, 2010

One of the keys to making good stories and good characters is contrast. You will not watch a good movie that does not have both goods and evils.

I am a big fan of movies that have good in them. I actually want the core of each of my films to be built out of something good. But my films would be very poor if all I had was good things happen.

Let me use this self-portrait I did to help make my point. If I only used dark shades and did not go any lighter then gray, my picture would not be as interesting. We would have hardly anything to contrast the black with and the dark would not stand out as being anything special. The same principle applies if I only had white through gray with no dark. The drawing would be hard to read, the shapes would lose their strength and nothing would pop.

The point of the drawing is made through contrast. The drawing is trying to say something with one half of the face being light and the other dark. We see some powerful dark lines in the eyes and shadows that contrast the highlights of the hat and face, well.

The same thing applies to any character you make or story you create. Yes, I am a big believer in good winning out in the end, but I need to contrast the good with something evil. We do not know how special the good is until we are able to see what it overcame or what it is fighting.

If you want to make a good villain, do not just have him be completely evil. Give him some good qualities and let us see the light in him. Look at a villain like Darth Vader from Star Wars. Vader is a very evil man (some would call him a monster) who killed many people (Including children). The reason to why he was so interesting however, was the fact that there was some good in him. The idea that Vader was once a good man makes his crimes all the more horrible and interesting. The idea that Vader is not completely evil, gives us as an audience a reason to keep watching him and hoping that he might choose good one day.

Sometimes you might need to sacrifice an interesting villain for an interesting story. Take the Joker in Batman Dark Knight for example. I think that the Joker was played very well, and he was actually a perfect villain for the Batman movie. The only interesting thing about the Joker however was the ways he could test Batman and Gotham. The Joker by himself would not be interesting, he had shown that he was completely evil. The only reason to why the Joker was doing what he was doing, was to test people and blow things up.

The Dark Knight was interesting because of the contrast between the Joker and Batman. In the first Batman movie, we saw that Batman had shown that he was mostly good (light). So what if we tested that goodness with the evil (darkness) of the Joker? The extreme light that Batman was, and the extreme darkness that the Joker was, created a very powerful contrast. For me that contrast was what made the movie interesting.

So in any story contrast is key. The darker the story gets, the more clearly we see the light.

(The picture is a self Portrait I did of myself about 4 years ago. I touched it up a little on Photoshop, so that I could get a bit more contrast. I am very happy with how it turned out, it was one of those drawings that made me first begin to think I could be good at art)

The Smoking Man

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Several years ago I did a series of watercolor portraits. This is the first of the series, I did it at age 17. Was very happy with how it turned out. I did not use opposite colors to create shadows and I might of gone a little to tan with the skin tone. I really wanted to contrast the face with the blue background and shirt. The eyes are usually the main piece to my paintings. I usually start with the eyes and work my way to the rest of the face (much different then most painters).