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I’m Back!!!

Posted in Personal Philosophy by Jacob on December 11, 2016

How to start…

I have been blogging for a long time. For those who once followed this blog, you might know the reason is due to the fact that I once used this as a testing device for my education. I wanted to study filmmaking and found traditional education lacking. There were many reasons for this, but the greatest reason was the education system didn’t know how to handle me very well… nor I it.

What I ended up doing was studying on my own. I chose to self educate and use this blog as a testing device. Though mostly due to my dyslexia I consider writing akin to stabbing oneself with a pencil a million times, my English Teacher of a mother taught me writing was also one of the best ways to test if you really understood a subject. In order to create a good essay you need to grab your audience’s attention with how you introduce your subject. You must be able to support your argument in the body of your essay. And in the end you must be to bring everything together and come to a conclusion worthy of an audience’s efforts in taking the time to read your piece.

Now I won’t argue I was good at any of this stuff when I first started (nor much better now…:/), however I was convinced I had a view worth exploring. And though this has never been the most popular blog, I consider the 270 entries I’ve so far written to be one of my greatest achievements. This blog represents my journey in understanding both the medium I love and my personal voice.

My journey however eventually took me in another direction. Instead of being stuck with the unnatural obligation of writing each week, I replaced the pen with a lens and began to actually put all my developped views to the test. I returned to college for the purpose of applying what I had already learned. In the process I made the discovery that learning should never have an end. I am proud of the connections I’ve made in college and consider many students and professors critical to furthering my education. Yet the journey to actually producing my own material in the medium I love, has begun. And I’ve given myself little time to write about it.

This is where this specific blog entry comes in. I wanted to acknowledge I’ve been gone for a while and avoided an aspect of my education I consider to be more difficult. My plan is to start writing consistently again. Honestly, I’ve tried to write many things the last few months, but as you can see they haven’t been able to make it to the finish line yet. There is a curtain excitement that comes with hitting the “publish” button. It’s that idea you consider your work worthy enough to be experienced and scrutinized over. I can not promise to create the kind of material I was at the hight of my writing career (if I had one of those ;), but the bottom line is I want to start to test myself in this way again.

Writing is a beautiful artform. It has helped me in so many ways become a better filmmaker. Through writing I’ve discovered my identity as an artist and a human being. My hope is I can continue to discover new things about myself and filmmaking through the continuation of this blog…and maybe even give you something worth thinking about.

To The Blog Readers! (if there are any :/ )

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on February 28, 2012

Well guys, I am ashamed that it has been more then two weeks without a post. I really have no excuse except for the fact that I haven’t known what to write about. I am getting to some cross roads in life and needing to make some big decisions. I am not interested as much in writing more about my personal philosophy on film. I sort of need to get more hands on experience before I talk much more about that. I have not updated my A New Vision blog since last May. So, my plan is to get rid of it and start posting some of the comics I once did on that blog, here.

There is always something about film to write. I am always figuring out new things and looking into new people’s philosophies. I want to continue my “An Observation” posts. I have several directors I am looking into and will be posting some papers on them soon. I also want to continue to really concentrate on some personal work, like story development, photography, and comics. I will post some of this stuff on the blog, but a lot of it I want to keep to myself for now. So, because I am changing my concentration on more personal work, blogs will be posted less often. However, I do think it is important to be consistent with blog posts. I will try to update A Dreamer Walking once a week. I will try to keep my material as professional as possible and give you something you can really think about as film admirers or students.

I must confess, I write this blog more for myself then for any of you. It helps me develop and organize my thoughts. The reason I do not ask my audience for suggestions on topics I cover is because I really don’t care about your opinion in that regard. I do invite comments and criticism. I am used to having people tell me what they think no matter if it might hurt my feelings. The bottom line is I am not a natural writer and am always up for hearing about ways I could get better. I also love to strengthen my views through being forced to defend them. I do not like being shown how I am truly wrong about something, but I try my hardest to keep an open mind to be willing to admit when I am wrong and someone else is right. The way I see comments is they can pretty much only do good. Either the commenter will have something enlightening to say or I can simply ignore him or her if it seems they don’t care or are just trying to start a fight.

Give me a few days and I will have another post up. I will say right now I was not impressed with the last four wins at the Oscars the other day. I did not see Iron Lady but I know it wasn’t getting very good reviews, and really wanted Viola Davis to win the Best Actress award for her moving performance in The Help. The Artist was okay for the kind of movie it was, but it didn’t seem to be much more then a tribute to cinemas silent era. On the other hand Hugo was a magnificent tribute to the silent era while also giving us a worthy story of its own, where a boy needs to find value through loss and an old man needs to learn how to truly live again. Scorsese’s directing for the film was also superb. He used 3D and visual effects in groundbreaking ways while never losing sight of the main focus being the story. Jean Dujardin’s performance in The Artist was showy, but he did not have the magical touch we saw the silent greats Charlie Chaplin, Lon Chaney, or Douglas Fairbanks, give their characters. I believe we saw more charm and nuance from both Brad Pit in Moneyball and George Clooney in The Descendents, then we did from Dujardin.

I thank all of those reading and following my blog. I hope I am contributing to your understanding of art and film. This blog has been a thing of pride in my life. I have learned a lot through studying and writing what I have and hope to learn more and more for years to come. I hope you enjoy exploring my dreams and points of view. I will talk more to you guys soon.