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The Written Word

Posted in Personal Philosophy by Jacob on July 29, 2018

I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve started saying how I’m going to resurrect this thing. Heck, I even ended up posting a few updates where I naively proclaimed, “I’m Back!!!”. Yet compared to where I was in the golden day of blogging, averaging one to two blogs a week, I’m nowhere close. There are 101 unfinished drafts for this blog. What a waist of words! You must understand however, the goal never was to get popular and have the masses read my words. I’m not ashamed to admit blog popularity was never the goal.

Being open to public scrutiny was the main reason I published my work. I wanted to tie down the numerous ideas and philosophies I was researching about cinema.  A strong persuasive essay requires a clear thesis backed by research and in-depth perspective. And in the end you must be able to present, in a clear and potent way, a conclusion you believe in. In essence this blog was a testing device, to see just how much of the things I was researching were being digested. Not just so I knew them, but so I could express them to others in my future filmmaking career.

Writing was never something I felt led to do. And due to my dyslexia it’s always come at a huge mental and emotional cost. I think in pictures. Visual language is what has always come naturally to me. So needing express myself in code – where the ideas and philosophies are entangled in this complex network of the written word – has never felt satisfying. I always know I could say it better. Yet, the written word does have it’s positives. Compared to the messy nature of capturing images, writing allows me far more control over my narratives. Each word can have a precise meaning, so I can have more surgical control over the points I make. Needing to translate the images in my head into a different type of language is also valuable. I even feel capable enough to write a screenplay, something even the greatest dyslexics in my profession, Steven Spielberg, Joe Wright, and Martin Scorsese, never had much confidence in.

The bottom line is I will always struggle to get each word out there, especially in a way that makes everything come together. I just looked up to my top paragraph and am racking my brain on how to tie everything up, so what I started out saying can connect to the thoughts coming out of my head now. Lets face it, this post is in dangerous territory of becoming number 102 of the forgotten drafts. But I am writing here and now to articulate how important I believe it is to continue with things you are not always comfortable doing. Learning in the way of the written word is healthy even for a dyslexic like me. Not because I think I will ever become the greatest writer. But rather, because writing still is a unique way of communicating; bringing insights and forcing discipline in a way I would not be able to through more natural formats.

Today I won’t say, “I’m back”. Writing on this blog could still be a “once in a blue moon” thing. But I am making the commitment to continue to throw those letters out there and force them into tangible words, and those words into tangible sentences. They may simply belong to the stories I am developing or scripts I’m writing. But, who knows, some of them may continue to end up on this site, exploring the ideas and philosophies of the visual medium I love so much. No matter where they go, this blog and those who support it, have been the reason I feel confident in any of my writings today. For that I am very thankful.

Blog Status

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on July 25, 2011

Well, I have been working on a few blogs actually but none of them are working out very well yet. So, I thought this would be a good time to explain to whoever reads this blog what I have been up to and where I am going.

First off, I hope whoever reads this blog has found most of the posts helpful. The reason why I do this is so I can get my thoughts out onto paper in a essay format. I want to have a clear thesis, a clear beginning, middle and end, and I want to be provocative and grammar efficient enough in my writing for people to pay attention until the end of the post. If you come here often you know there have been a series of posts on Directors I have been studying and a series of posts on a book called Invisible Ink I have been reading. My plan is to keep on going with those series. However, before I get back to those series I have chosen to go through all of the notes I have been taking in the last two years.

I am huge on studying commentaries, filmmaker interviews, and behind the scenes footage before I begin to write about a director or idea I have been contemplating. In the last two years I have filled up ten notebooks with notes from all these extra features. However, one of the great things about taking notes is you are allowed to go back and study them. I have study some notes if they involve a director or idea I have been writing about, but all in all there is a good 80% that I have not come back to whatsoever.

The next few weeks (or maybe months) will be dedicated to going back through my notes. I will be posting blogs as well but some of them might be shorter then my usual and they will be covering a whole slew of subjects. I will get back into full swing with my Director Observation posts and Invisible Ink posts as soon as I am done with going through my notebooks. This is sort of a overwhelming task, it has taken me several days to get through just one notebook and I migrated to bigger notebooks sense 2009. So, bare with me. But, I think there is quite a bit of knowledge in my notebooks that has barley been explored. I am also looking forward to comparing notes from the past to the way I see things today. I have found that I concentrate on different things now then I did in 2009 and I write down much more now then I did in 2009. It is encouraging to see my note taking technique has improved in the last two years. If you want to read about my philosophy taking notes just click on this link.

I am looking forward to coming back to my Director Observation series. I have been studying some directors quite extensively but have written little if anything about them. Some of the directors I am hoping to explore in much more detail on this blog is Tom Hooper, Ridley Scott, Danny Boyle, and Darren Aronofsky. I also hope to return and write a few more posts on directors like Clint Eastwood and Martin Scorsese. I still plan on finishing my Invisible Ink series. I am a little disappointed they have not been as popular as my Observation posts. I consider most of the Invisible Ink posts to be very important on figuring out the art of storytelling. Even though the author of the book Brian McDonald concentrates on mostly just writing screenplays, I try to concentrate on both writing and directing film. If you want to see the posts fallow these links: Invisible Ink-Beginnings, II-Simplicity, II-Is Something There?, II-Don’t Tell Me SHOW ME!, II-Be the Drama Queen, II-Finding the Reflections, II-Finding Salvation.

So after that shameless advertising and explanation on where I am at and heading, I think it is time to end this post. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them and I am looking forward to walking deeper into the medium of film with you guys.

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