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Breaking Bad- Beginnings

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on October 5, 2013

TitleSo there is this phenomenon known as Breaking Bad. You just might have heard about it. Those of you who are fans of the TV series might be confused to why I am bringing it up now just after the premier of the last episode. To tell you the truth at the time the last episode was premiering I had yet to watch a single episode of the series. However, I made a promise to myself I would start watching it after the series was done. I have heard a tone about it and honestly nobody I know who watches the TV show has anything but praise for the series. Critics are through the roof with their admiration of creator Vince Gilligan and his television sensation. Breaking Bad is considered by many to be the king pin of this golden age of television. The character the series stars, Walter White, is hailed as the greatest character to ever come to the small screen.

I have just began to watch this series and already feel the need to write about it. I agree with the critics who call the show revolutionary. It does things I have never seen done before on network television. The series doesn’t seem to care if we agree with it’s characters actions. For goodness sakes, the show stars a character who makes meth. The series brings up issues many film executives would call toxic to the entertainment industry. The show gives blunt commentaries on the way we live, our school systems, poverty,  government, just to name a few. It is a show where more things go wrong then right and where we can’t rely on the idea that everything will turn out fine. In fact (spoiler alert), the main character Walter White has been described as one of the greatest monsters on television. This revelation is both frustrating and exciting to me. I only know the Walter White of the first season and I can not even imagine him as a monster (end of spoiler).

Not only do I like the story of Breaking Bad, I like the way it is told. The structure of every episode works in terms of building immediate tension along with giving us greater insight of the whole. The cinematography and editing keep each scene interesting while driving the story forward. Most of the directors know when to hold on a moment and when to move on. The show doesn’t dwell on the action rather the effects of the action; the emotional impact the actions have on the characters. The writers do not give any characters an easy way out. There are no clear good guys and no clear villains. The filmmakers push to the drama to it’s breaking point and take us out of our comfort zone because they know that is where we will get the most entertainment… and insight.

I am going to start writing about some of the strengths I see in this series, and maybe some of the weaknesses. I do not agree with all the morals expressed in the show. I don’t think the creators want us to agree with everything they show and the characters do. It is quite difficult to be responsible when dealing with a subject matter like meth. At times I think the show is probably doing more bad then good for the majority who watch it. I know some who think because the show has language, drug use, and sexual themes it shouldn’t be watched. Honestly just a few years ago I probably would has said it was too dark and “sinful” to be watched. However, I am glad so far I have chosen to go on this journey. And I look forward to telling you some of the things I have learned.

In regards to future posts on the series the farther you go the more spoilers for the show you are most likely to see.

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