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Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on July 12, 2011

Humility brings perspective, allows us to learn, and strengthens the story for a filmmaker. Andrew Stanton, director of Finding Nemo and Wall-E, talked about the importance of being humble through out success. Pixar maybe more then any other studio needs to keep themselves at a even key in order to create great stories. Andrew Stanton along with the rest of the directors at Pixar would be the first to tell you there are no Walt Disney’s or Steven Spielberg’s at their studio. What Pixar relies on is the Brain Trust. The Brian Trust consists of many of the top artists, directors, and writers at the studio working together for the sake of the story. For the Brian Trust to work, there needs to be a mutual respect for each other. One guy can’t put himself ahead of another because he has been more successful publicly or has come from a more popular art school.

The humility of a student is what filmmakers need to have all the way through their career. I have studied Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg, and the Pixar directors, they all have had a curiosity for the world and somehow they have found a way to stop their success from interfering with their vision. All these filmmakers put the heart of the story above all else. When you relies filmmaking is about a group of people working together for the sake of the story you begin to have the perspective needed to create a great film.

We must all be servants to the stories we are telling. This is where the humility needs to come from. We must always relies through out our success that we still serve something greater then ourselves. I believe the stories we tell as filmmakers are not originated from us but from something greater. I can not claim credit for all the stories I have floating in my head. I believe they come from the people around us and from God. As a Christian I believe I am serving God by telling my stories. I believe my stories are a part of a greater whole. The whole concept of storytelling is amazing to me. We can create completely new worlds, characters, and stories in our heads and we can show them to the world with just a few words or images. The worlds and characters I work on seem to start having a life of their own after a while. This origination of life I can’t claim credit to. I believe more in the idea that the worlds and characters I am working on right now are already out their, it is just my job to find them.

No matter what you believe you must humble yourself for the sake of the story you are telling. No matter how successful you might become, treat each film like it is your first. Be students of film like Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and the directors at Pixar are. All those guys would say they are students of film first. They constantly watch and learn from movies. They are constantly trying to figure out how to tell their stories in a better way.

Our medium has the potential to create breakthroughs in peoples lives, yet it also can keep people stagnant. With film we can ignite hate towards others or bring understanding. Our medium influences the direction of nations.  Everything depends on the way we treat the medium. Will we treat the medium of film arrogantly or with humility? Treating the film medium with arrogance will help neither you or others. Humility brings on understanding and breakthrough. If we are humble through out the filmmaking process we will find fulfillment in the people and stories we serve.

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