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Real Life

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on June 27, 2011

Well I got back from my vacation a few days ago. Sadly I have not written anything until now out of laziness and trying to get over a sickness. The vacation part was fun but the traveling part was not. I began to get sick about a week ago and the sickness was in full throttle while driving 1800 miles back to Montana from Kalamazoo Michigan. However, even though I felt sick through part of the vacation I could not help but feel inspired by most of the traveling and interaction with family members.

The vacation we went on was to our Grandparents living in Kalamazoo Michigan. We went for a anniversary involving my Grandma’s side of the family. The anniversary ended up being the most mediocre part of the trip. However, hanging out with my uncles, aunts, and grandparents was fantastic. The vacation actually reminded me of the most important lesson I have learned as a storyteller. The foundations of any storytellers stories must come from real life. It does not matter if the story is located in a far away land with dragons, fairies, and witches or in a futuristic land with aliens, monsters, and robots, what the story needs the most is something unique and personal. It is important to remember even though there have been stories about cowboys, fairies, and monsters before, there has not been anyone who has lived the life you have lived. When you take from your own personal life to create the foundations of your stories, you make any kind of story unique.

I have stories I am developing that are about  far away lands where the main characters are goblins, cavemen, and flowers. However, all of these characters are directly linked to my family and people who have influenced me in my personal life. Even the situations and themes of my stories are inspired by struggles and lessons I have learned in real life.

The life I live will be the key to unlocking the heart of the characters and stories I create. My greatest mission should be observation and a dedication to understanding. In the last two weeks I have been able to hang out with the people I care about more then anyone else in this world. I observe both their strengths and faults, and try to learn from them. In the end I realize they are the ones creating the characters in my head and making me want to tell stories for a living.


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