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Religious Pics

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on May 14, 2011

A few weeks ago I helped my mother with a photography project. The assignment was actually my moms, I was just there to help. However, I really began to get interested in the project. We were trying to represent Christianity through photography. Here are a few of the pictures I personally took and worked on.

We thought a cup holding many of the words in the Bible could be a good representation of the Word. The Bible consists of many things and at the moment we are just keeping them in the cup. I actually might come back and change a few things about this. However, I do like the lighting and position of the cup. I really wanted to create a contrasts between white’s and dark’s. I also wanted a few words to clearly stick out, more on that after getting a closer look…

These are all words associated with the Christian Bible. The key was getting the words to stick out without them obviously sticking out or looking foreign to the rest of the piece. I used a sharpening tool to bring out a few of the key words. We also spent time beforehand setting up the key words before we put the rest of the words in.

Here is an interesting piece. One of the ideas we wanted to express was the word leaving the cup. It was crucial to get the focus right on the words that were leaving the cup. I also upped the contrast in the piece like the others. Separating the words from the paper was important. Making everything else feel soft was also important. I didn’t want anything else to stick out but the words leaving the cup.

The point of this picture was to express my view on Religion. I will let you interpret it the way you want. I like the contrast and lighting in this picture. The way it fades into darkness is just right in my opinion. It was sort of hard to bring out the texture in the cardboard in the breadbasket. I think the cardboard reads but would rather not have the rough wall in the background distracting us. My mother said she thought I shouldn’t have put the “Religion” in there, but I wanted to direct the audiences thought process a little. I worked on the font to make it feel like it belonged to the rest of the piece. Putting the shadow on the edge of the letters really helped.

Hope you enjoy the pictures

(You will need to click on the pictures to see them in focus)

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