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A Call to Help Japan!

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on March 19, 2011

Well I am sure everyone has heard about the devastation in Japan. This post is inspired by Daisuke Tsutsumi’s plea to help the people of Japan. Daisuke is a artist working at Pixar, click on his name to go to his blog. Dice was a big part of a charity project in 2008 by heading up the Totoro Forest Project. Just recently he has posted a blog encouraging artists and whoever else who could, to give money to help out Japan’s recovery process. HERE is the link to the Give2Aisa charity Dice has united with to give to Japan. I know that Give2Aisa is a well known charity organization and obviously Dice likes them. However, looking at the BBB (Better Business Bureau) review I found that Give2Aisa was missing three out of the twenty standards BBB has for charity accountability (HERE is the link if you want to see the review). Because Give2Aisa does have a good reputation I still donated money, however HERE is a link to the American Red Cross organization which met all twenty of BBB’s standards (link to review HERE) if you are not sure about Give2Aisa.

Both donation links only take a few minutes. I think the people in Japan need our prayers but they also need physical and financial support. I sadly am not able to bring them physical support so I hope two out of three is good enough. God bless those in Japan. It is truly inspiring to see how they are helping each other up after being so brutally knocked down.

Again Here are the Links:

Artists Help Japan Charity Link

American Red Cross Charity Link

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