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Wood Fence

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on February 24, 2011

Went out the other day and took a few cool pictures of this fence.

I really liked how the light bounced of the fence here. I took away most of the blue and green colors so the warms colors could stick out a little more. My only regret was not having the focus point a little farther up.

I made this black and white because it felt more rich that way. I tried to turn the contrast up so high that there are really just three main shades dark, gray, and white. This wheel has a lot of character to it. I really like the texture in the wood.

I kept the rusty color of the metal in this picture. You also get a closer look at the texture of the wood. The color of the metal really fits into the black and white.

(you need to click on the pictures to see them clearly)

I hope you enjoy the pictures!