A Dreamer Walking


Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on January 4, 2011

There are sidekicks in all mediums of film, live action all the way through animation. For some reason it seems like it’s animation that gets a bad rap for sidekicks. Many criticize animation for putting in sidekicks just in order to get some cheap laughs. I need to admit that there is some truth the criticism. There are many animated movies that have sidekicks that hardly do anything to serve the story and seem to be solely created to get laughs.  I personally think that sidekicks should never be used just for laughs. Their main purpose should always be in service to the story and main protagonist. Instead of taking the lime light from the main character, they should give us more depth into what the main character is thinking and how he or she is feeling. Sidekicks can also be a force that pushes the main character to walk out and fulfill his or her goals.

Disney story artist Mark Kennedy, does a fantastic job explaining the significance of the sidekick in his blog Temple of the Seven Golden Camels. He talks about Tangled and Rapunzel’s sidekick Pascale. He goes into detail on how they used Pascale to get to know Rapunzel to a greater extant. HERE is the link to the article he wrote. Enjoy and I hope you learn from it! 🙂

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