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The Silence of the Lambs- Extra Features Review

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on December 17, 2010

The Silence of the Lambs:

Blu-Ray Review:

Breaking The Silence: 7 out 10: This Feature had about 20 minutes of interviews and a few pop up facts about the film scattered through out the 2 hour movie. It is like a commentary but with less information, because they are not always talking. I would much rather just have a commentary, but there was a good amount of insight give through the interviews. The main actors talk about their roles and the screenwriter gives you more depth into the story and some of the characters. The main focus seems to be on Hannibal Lecture and Clairce’s relationship. We also get a little insight from the screenwriter Ted Tally.

Understanding The Madness: 7 out of 10: A 20 minute documentary about what goes into a cereal killer’s mind. In my opinion it is too broad. I could have reasoned out most of what they said about cereal killers. However, a good documentary to watch if you are trying to figure out a villain in the basic sense.

Inside the Labyrinth the Silence of the Lambs: From Page to Screen: 8.5 out of 10: A great documentary on The Silence of the Lambs. It goes through three different chapters that all run about 20 minutes. Chapter one entitled, Putting it Together, is about how the story was created by the author of the book Thomas Harris and how/why the filmmakers and cast became interested in the book. Chapter two entitled, “The Cast of Characters“, is about the performances and what went into the actors owning their roles. You get some particularly good information from Anthony Hopkins on how he developed Hannibal Lecture. The third part of the documentary entitled, “Production, Protests and Awards“, talks about how the whole movie came together and the publicity it got when it first came out. I felt that the documentary could have separated the chapters a little better so the individual subject matter in the chapters were more clear. I also felt like they were missing a few key voices such as Jodie Foster and director Jonathan Demme talking about roles in the film. However, everyone interviewed gave a lot of good information on the production as a whole and what they as individuals felt they brought to the table.  Over all I would recommend this one hour documentary. It concentrates mostly on the acting, writing, and direction of The Silence of The Lambs.

Silence of the Lambs: From Page to Screen: 7 out of 10: A good documentary on the writing through the publicity of The Silence of the Lambs. It is very much like the “Inside the Labyrinth” documentary except shorter (40 minutes instead of one hour). We do get the hear from Jodie Foster but not Hopkins. Was able to get a slightly deeper look into the anthers Thomas Harris’s vision and how the book got popular. Over all it was pretty good and nice to hear Jodie.

Scoring The Silence of The Lambs: 8 out of 10: Some really good insight on Howard Share’s way of going about composing The Silence of the Lambs. We are able to hear what he was thinking when starting the film and when dealing with the big scenes in the movies. He talks about following his instincts when composing and how doing that lead to creating a better score. He also talks about the value of collaboration and how that is usually more important then individual talent.

The Making of: The Silence of the Lambs (1990): 6 out of 10: You do get to hear a little from Johnathan Demme in this eight minute documentary, which is nice. The rest is pretty basic and we have already heard it in the other documentary. You do see a little more behind the scenes footage.

Over all I think some of the extra features were on par with the quality of the movie while others were not. The main extra features I would recommend are the “Inside the Labyrinth” piece and “Scoring The Silence of the Lambs” piece. Would recommend you buy  the Blu-Ray copy if you are looking into developing a interesting villain. Seeing Hannibal Lectures development gives you good information to what goes into a good villain.  Also, there are some good extra features for those looking into screenwriting and adapting books to script. I think we also get to see the Clarice character in a lot of depth and unlayered . She really is a unique character for Hollywood, and the extra features do a good job explaining why.

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  1. moviegeek said, on February 2, 2011 at 12:28 am

    A modern classic! And today the film is 20 years old!
    check out my review when you can: http://wp.me/p19wJ2-dP

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