A Dreamer Walking

Log: Series

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on October 7, 2010

This is another series of pictures I took of the same object, trying to find unique yet linked ways to express theobject. As you can see in all of these I played with texture quite a bit.

It is interesting how the eye is drawn to color.  The log is no trashcan that easily stands out from it’s surroundings. I wanted to create a slightly richer color with the log so it stood out from it’s surroundings.

The texture I used seemed to unify everything in the picture. I have the log in focus in this picture but I think everything about it is interesting. I find the silhouette of the weeds interesting and I find it interesting how the grain in the fence is very similar to the grain in the log. You can see the color of the log is complimented in the surrounding colors..

This is the top of the log. Several interesting things were sitting on top of it. I wanted the eye to be directed to one thing in particular. I drew out the color of the leave just a little bit and sharpened it slightly. I think it is often important to have a main focus in a picture so the eye doesn’t just wonder uncontrollably around the picture. There needs to be something that grounds your picture a reason to why you took it. For this picture it was the leaf.

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