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Giving Your All

Posted in Personal Philosophy by Jacob on May 4, 2010

I have been researching Christopher Nolan and his philosophy on the making of the Batman movies. For movies like Batman Begins and Batman Dark Knight, Christopher gave everything he had. He did not hold back. Christopher used what ever he could think of to make the story be the best it could be.

Because Christopher and his team gave it their all in the first two Batman films, should we be scared that the third movie movie will not be as good? I mean many people have asked, how can they possibly top themselves? Christopher has even admitted that he has a hard time doing sequels because he gives it his all the first time around. Should we as filmmakers be afraid then, that if we give a movie our all early on, we will always be disappointed afterword because we might never be able to “top ourselves”?

I think one of the greatest mistakes that filmmakers make when making a sequel or even just going on to their next project, is that they always want to “top themselves”. The movie they are working on needs to be bigger and better then the last movie.

Nobody should make a movie in order to top their last one. I as a filmmaker want to make another movie for one main reason, because I have another story to tell. If I have another story to tell with the same characters I used in the last film then by all means I will make a sequel.

We should make movie’s based on wanting to tell another story. In the first Batman movie, Batman Begins, Christopher and his team wanted to tell a story about Bruce’s (Batman) fears and how he could use that fear against evil, for good. In Batman Dark Knight,  the story was about Bruce’s rage and how far can he (along with Gotham) be pushed before he looses control.

In the Batman movies so far, the filmmakers pursued the main themes of the story. If a action sequence or scene in general did not pursue those main themes/purposes of the story, they were cut from or not even put into the script. The filmmakers did not hold back, but they based what they did on the themes of the movie.

As long as you have a fresh new point to make in a movie you should give it your all and not think of holding back for the next film. Give it your all in each film you make, just make sure you stay true to the story you are telling and have something new to say.

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