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The Inner Moral

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on April 11, 2010

I am a Christian and I really want to make sure I am staying true to my God in everything I do. I think that many Christians can sometimes take their religion too far and start to not interact with the “world” because they want to stay clean and be true to God. I personally think that if we want to stay true to God we will start to interact with the world.

I have seen Christians who are hesitant in their writing, because they want to “make sure it is coming from God”. This is not a bad thing, I just feel that sometimes my Christian friends have a hard time understanding where God is. I do not think you need to mention God’s name in a Movie, for Him to be present. God moves in all sorts of ways and sometimes a person who is not bound by a religious doctrine and philosophy sees God move in ways some Christians can not.

Sometimes I as a Christian need to rely on faith, that what I feel my heart is saying, is what God is wanting me to say.  I do not think that morals are based on what each individual says they should be, but I do think that we all, deep down, have a sense of what is truly moral. We have become good at avoiding those feelings.

What I think I must do as a writer is listen to those inner morals on what is right and wrong. Good writers follow vision, they find ways to understand those inner feelings/morals and stick to them.

Just something I was thinking about…

P.S. the picture is one of my many ink and watercolor pieces. It represents where I try to be in my faith.

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  1. theoriginalshawn said, on April 30, 2010 at 11:56 pm

    Does art reflect life? I hope to build a ministry with my writing some day; specifically through screenwriting, God willing. My blog is dedicated to unearthing the values (if any) of film of all kinds, with a special focus on movies widely known or admired in American culture. I think you have some interesting topics here and look forward to reading more! Check out my blog sometime, if you like, and tell me your thoughts.

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