A Dreamer Walking

The Kanga Man

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob on April 10, 2010

This painting was my second watercolor in my watercolor portrait series. I really learned a lot with this one. One of the key things I did was use the opposite color as a shadow. I counter the orange brown skin tone color with blue which makes a very good shadow effect.

I also used the background to highlight the main piece. I made it so the background was very loose and unfocused, just a splash of nature colors. The man is extremily detailed and his skin tone is opposite of the background and thus it makes him really stand out.

The thing I am most proud of in this painting are the eyes. Unlike the Smoking Man, I wanted the audience to feel as though he is piercing your soul with his gaze. His eyes are very focused and sturdy.

In summery, I think that this is one of my best pieces of art I have done so far in my short career. It hit on exactly what I wanted to hit on. You can see character and emotion in this painting and for that I am very proud.

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